Eco-Leisure Proposal

Design Intent

The Thoulstone Park Eco-Sustainable Community will be a place with its own strong identity, whilst drawing on local character. The proposed development will comprise a mixed-use community founded on tourist and leisure based commerce and employment, with associated living, set within a high quality bio-diverse rich environment.

Best practice in environmental design lies at the heart of the proposed community. To meet One Living Planet objectives it is vital to build on existing site characteristics, assets and resources. To this end, backed by an experienced team of experts and advisors, the owners have established an initial core baseline of environmental data to aid the planning and development of the community. This has included surveys and appraisals of the following:

  • Biodiversity
  • Landscape and Visual Character
  • Hydrology
  • Archaeology
  • Arboriculture
  • Transport

Design Concept

The driving idea behind the design of the Eco-Leisure Proposal is informed by a determination to work around the wonderful qualities of the existing landscape in a considered and sympathetic way; so that the quality of the environment takes precedence over any proposed buildings.

In parallel to this commitment to preserving and enhancing the best qualities of the landscape, the scheme is based on the creation of a development that is truly sustainable, in every sense of that word. This covers the commercial viability of the proposal, sustainability in use, and an environmentally responsible approach to design and construction.

The proposals comprise a mix of holiday accommodation, restaurant, farm shop, spa rooms, conference space, along with a community hall/gym, and a swimming pool. This is all carefully stitched in to an enhanced natural landscape, which includes the eco-golf course, woodland walks, and community parkland areas.