Eco-Leisure Proposal at Thoulstone Park

The vision for Thoulstone Park is to establish a rounded and balanced community, inspired by the principles of one planet living. This includes establishing healthy environments and prosperous economies built around local communities. It is underpinned by a commitment to sustainable use of land, water and other natural resources, as well as organic food production and a determination to use low carbon design and technologies. This methodology informs the design for leisure, holiday accommodation and green outdoor spaces which are described within this document.

The landowners are committed and passionate in their desire to deliver this vision. They have continued to implement strategic tree planting (having planted 28,840 mixed English deciduous trees) and other works on the grounds, whilst working hard to bring cohesive proposals from like-minded specialists. To this end the Landowners have engaged with an expert operator – Natural Retreats – and a highly qualified design team to take this vision forward.

There was an approved planning consent for a 54-bedroom hotel on the site which included leisure and spa facilities, food and beverage, retail, conference and meeting rooms.

The former golf club buildings on the site have been extensively vandalised and are currently vacant, unsightly and unsuitable for repair or refurbishment.

There is a compelling opportunity for this site to be at the forefront of change in how we will all live, work and play in the years ahead. The landowners and their partners will work tirelessly to ensure that these proposals are comprehensively implemented and effectively integrated with the existing local communities.

We strongly believe that a collaborative and resilient community can be built along one-planet living principles which will be productive and sustainable in all senses, while being fun and personally enriching for visitors and the community we envisage will one day live, work and play on the site.

James and Alka Hughes-Hallett
Co-founders of the proposed Thoulstone Park Eco-Sustainable Community Project